Career Center

Eagles Launch Career Center

Mt. San Jacinto College's Eagles Launch Career Center is a comprehensive hub empowering students to explore career paths, gain real-world experience, earn credit for prior learning, and build job readiness skills. Through this centralized source, students can utilize a wealth of services and resources to achieve career success.

Our team builds robust partnerships between the college, employers, community organizations, and government agencies to help students gain the skills, knowledge, experience, and connections needed to make informed career decisions and confidently launch meaningful careers.

The Eagles Launch Career Center provides a spectrum of offerings to guide students through each stage of their career development journey. Services include career assessments, and planning assistance; a range of experiential learning programs such as Work Experience Education (WEE) - Internships, Job Shadowing, Service Learning, Apprenticeships, Pre-Apprenticeships, Learning Aligned Employment Program (LAEP) - on/off campus jobs; opportunities to earn Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) from industry training, certifications, military experience, and work experience; and job search preparation through resume assistance, mock interviews, job fairs, online job boards, workshops, and more.

The Eagles Launch Career Center is a powerful resource for Mt. San Jacinto College students at any stage of career development and growth. Visit the center or website to soar toward your goals.

Call: (951)639-5352
Website: Career Education