Personalized Academic Learning Skills (PALS)

The Personalized Academic Learning Skills (PALS) offers specialized instruction and services to students who are identified as having specific learning disabilities under the California Community College Learning Disability and Eligibility and Services Model (LDESM). Specific learning disabilities are often due to constitutional, genetic, and or neurological factors and are not primarily due to visual or auditory sensory deficits, mobility limitations, severe emotional disturbances, economic disadvantage, cultural or language differences.

A Learning Disabilities assessment is designed to determine strengths and weaknesses, educational limitations, and compensatory strategies. Specialized classes in study skills and mathematics support teach compensatory strategies designed to help students maximize their success in college. Services include assistive computer technologies, specialized tutoring, and educational advisement.

A Learning Disability Specialist is available on both the San Jacinto and Menifee Valley campuses. Students with a prior history of learning disabilities, or students who are experiencing extreme difficulty in classes may request LD assessment by contacting the LD Specialist or the Accommodation Service Center (ASC) office.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze and critically evaluate functional limitations, select appropriate compensatory learning strategies, and evaluate use of adaptive technologies appropriate for their individual remediation needs.
  • Communicate effectively with instructors, staff and fellow students using appropriate methods of technology and select appropriate learning and compensatory strategies.
  • Demonstrate personal responsibility, identify personal needs and goals, and select appropriate resources necessary to meet them.
  • Practice active learning and demonstrate measurable progress of course level learning outcomes defined in their educational study plan.