Career Education Overview

The MSJC CalWORKs program serves students and their families by providing educational and career opportunities combined with an array of high quality support services that enable students to complete their educational goals, find meaningful employment, and successfully transition into the workforce.

MSJC CalWORKs program works in collaboration with the Department of Public Social Services to assist students with their education, training and job skills. If you are a CalWORKs cash aid recipient with minor children and attending or planning to attend MSJC, you may be eligible to receive special support services.

CalWORKs Work Study Program

MSJC CalWORKs work study provides on campus employment for CalWORKs students enrolled in at least 6 units and have a minimum 2.0 G.P.A. The CalWORKs Job Developer works together with students to find employment closely related to their major. Work-study employment placements provide an opportunity to gain current work experience while completing their educational goals.

For more information contact the MSJC CalWORKs Program at (951) 487-3475 or email us at

CalWORKs Student Services include:

  • Academic, career and personal counseling
  • Priority registration – for SAP eligible CalWORKs students only
  • Case management and tracking of student progress
  • Work study program – employment on campus
  • Computer Lab – use our computer lab to study and to complete and print required assignments
  • Childcare – CalWORKs funding available to MSJC Child Development Center
  • Limited school supplies
  • Laptop Loan Program – borrow a laptop to complete required assignments for your classes
  • Provide information about welfare-to-work requirements.
  • Workshops on Work/Life Skills – each semester we provide workshops to help you grow personally and professionally