Learning Outcomes

  • Make an informed decision regarding their educational planning and student development through a collaborative process of research, dialogue, and implementation;
  • Demonstrate the ability to inquire and comprehend college processes through technology, face-to-face contact, and publications;
  • Demonstrate academic success by taking personal ownership in the educational planning and student development;
  • Demonstrate the ability to comprehend and utilize technology by navigating through educational resources;
  • Develop an awareness of academically and culturally diverse programs on campus through dialogue and publications provided by Student Services.

Mt. San Jacinto College offers comprehensive counseling services to assist students in meeting educational, vocational and personal goals. The counseling program further seeks to contribute to the development and maintenance of a college environment.

The counseling program provides assistance and information to individual students regarding academic, personal, transfer and career guidance concerns. Students who would like help with any of these issues are encouraged to contact the counseling center.

Additional services provided by the counseling staff include:

  1. Assistance to adults returning to school;
  2. Interpretation of aptitude and career assessments;
  3. Information and guidance for transfer to other colleges and universities;
  4. Information regarding completion of MSJC certificates and associate degrees;
  5. Personal and crisis counseling;
  6. New Student Counseling Sessions;
  7. Assistance with development of a student educational plan; and
  8. Counseling for students who are on academic and/or progress probation.

The counseling staff utilizes the expertise of and can refer students to:

  • Career/Transfer Center
  • Child Development and Teacher Training Center
  • Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)
  • Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE)
  • Accommodation Service Center (ASC)
  • Financial Aid
  • Learning Resource Center