Student Equity

We, the Mt. San Jacinto College Faculty, Classified Professionals, and Administrators, acknowledge there are systemic barriers that have historically excluded and prevented equal outcomes for students on the basis of:
• Race/ethnicity
• Gender Identity and Expression
• Sexuality
• National Origin
• Socioeconomic status
• (Dis)ability
• Language
• Religion
• Age
• Physical Appearance
• Intersections of these identities.

Therefore, we define equity as an investment and commitment to achieving parity in academic outcomes by removing institutional barriers and creating an inclusive and culturally affirming learning environment. As such, we are dedicated to challenging our perceptions, biases, and blind spots through self-reflection and constant inquiry to identify and eliminate equity gaps and reinvest in our communities.

Our purpose is to celebrate diversity, instill hope, and empower our students to transform their lives and those around them.

The MSJC Equity Pledge aims to support an institutional culture where everyone feels included, welcomed, and valued for who they are and what they contribute to the community. We believe in a shared responsibility to create a positive culture and to safeguard equity, inclusion, dignity, and respect.

The College’s mission, vision, values, and institutional policies and practices model and support educational equity, inclusiveness, and institutional excellence. Through the MSJC Equity Strategic Plan, the institution has proposed highly inclusive and data-supported strategies and interventions that will address the needs of the College’s highest priority student populations across the required student success performance indicators and also aims to identify institutional priorities related to ensuring student success, access, and achievement for our historically underrepresented and marginalized student communities.