Student Life and Development Program

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore activities in individual and group settings for self-understanding and growth;
  • Design and implement programs to enhance social, cultural, multicultural, intellectual, recreational, service, and shared governance involvement;
  • Comprehend institutional policies and procedures and their relationship to individual and group interests and activities; and
  • Develop the competencies required for effective leadership in the categories of personal, interpersonal, and the development of groups, organizations, and systems.

The Student Life and Development Program (SLDP) office offers students a variety of opportunities to learn through their involvement in campus life. Involvement and activity outside of the classroom has the power to solidify learning inside of the classroom. Engagement opportunities the SLDP office promotes include, but are not limited to student participation in the following:

  • Student Government Association (SGA)
    SGA is the representative organization of the MSJC student body. It is composed of elected and appointed student officers, each with designated duties assigned. SGA is designed to develop leadership and responsibility, to provide opportunities for the development of the social and cultural interests of student, and to promote college spirit and student morale. All students are encouraged to join and take an active part in SGA through participation in weekly meetings and/or SGA events.
  • SGA Sticker – The $7.00 SGA sticker helps support a variety of important student life activities sponsored by the Student Government Association and organized by the SLDP office. The sticker further provides students discounts on purchases in the bookstore and cafeteria, free admission to home athletic events and discounted tickets to some performing arts events. In addition, the SGA sticker provides various discount opportunities at surrounding businesses that participate in the Vendor Discount Program. You must opt-out if you do not wish to pay this optional fee, please refer to the SGA Sticker Refund Policy.
  • SGA Semester Barbeque Events – Come to the quad during College Hour and participate in semester SGA Barbeque events! Students may receive a free BBQ lunch or have the opportunity to purchase a special BBQ meal provided by the cafeteria, connect with campus clubs, and get information and giveaways from vendors.
  • Inter-Club Council (ICC)
    The ICC is a council composed of student leaders from the various MSJC Campus Clubs. The Council supports all Campus Clubs by providing training opportunities and facilitating collaboration among student organizations. In order for Campus Clubs to conduct business (events, activities, and expenditures), they must participate consistently in the ICC meetings and submit all required documents to initiate the approval process.
  • Campus Clubs
    The Student Life and Development Program (SLDP) oversees the activation of all campus clubs and works to support student engagement, organize club events, and promote and market activities. Through the ICC, student leaders from all chartered clubs have the opportunity to share information, collaborate on events, and be in community with other club members.
  • Leadership Courses and Programs

Our Leadership courses and programs allow students to further develop their leadership, people management, and communication skills. These courses and/or programs assist students in obtaining practical tools for effective decision-making practices, discovering strengths, enhancing student capacities to lead ethically and effectively, and in obtaining practical knowledge of professionalism.