Puente Program

Learning Outcomes

  • Design an educational plan that focuses on attaining an AA/AS or other requirements for transfer;
  • Analyze social and cultural issues that inform an understanding of civic responsibility and encourage involvement in the college and local communities as mentors or leaders; and
  • Develop academic skills (reading, writing, oral, and study) that will demonstrate their ability to be successful in a higher education environment.

Puente is designed to help students adjust to college life and prepare for transfer to four-year universities. The program is unique in that it explores multicultural, and particularly Latinx, experiences. The program has three (3) major components: writing instruction, personal growth instruction and counseling, and mentoring. Puente’s goal is to provide students with a strong academic foundation and the support needed in order to be successful at MSJC. Puente is open to, and welcomes, all MSJC students.

For more information about the Puente Project contact:

  • Rebecca Coleman – Puente English Instructor
    (951) 487-3647 or  rcoleman@msjc.edu ; or
  • Addison Palacios – Puente English Instructor
    (951) 639-5195 or  apalacios@msjc.edu