Credit for Prior Learning

Mt. San Jacinto College Credit for Prior Learning Policy 

Students may demonstrate proficiency in a course eligible for Credit for Prior Learning and receive college credit through the approved alternative methods for awarding credit listed below:

  • Achievement of a satisfactory score on an Advanced Placement (AP) examination
  • Achievement of a satisfactory score on a high-level International Baccalaureate (IB) examination
  • Achievement of a satisfactory score on the College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • Evaluation of Joint Service Transcripts (JST)/Military Articulation
  • Achievement of an examination administered by other agencies approved by the district
  • Evaluation of industry-recognized credential documentation
  • Evaluation of student-created portfolios
  • Satisfactory completion of an institutional examination, known as Credit by Examination, administered by the college in lieu of completion of an active course listed in the current college catalog

For additional information regarding each Credit for Prior Learning option, refer to subsequent catalog pages. 

Determination of Eligibility for Credit for Prior Learning
  • The student must be in good standing in the district
  • The student must have previously earned credit or noncredit from the district or be currently registered in the district
  • Current students must have an education plan on file
  • The course is listed in the current college catalog
  • The student is not currently enrolled in the course to be challenged
  • The student has not previously received a substandard grade in that course at MSJC
  • Credit by Examination: The student is registered in the district and not currently enrolled in nor received credit for a more advanced course in the same subject (may be waived by department)
Limitations with respect to Credit for Prior Learning
  • Credits acquired by examination are not applicable to meeting of such unit load requirements as Selective Service deferment, Veterans, or Social Security benefits
  • Credits acquired by examination shall not be counted in determining the 12 semester hours of credit in residence required for an associate’s degree
  • Credit for Prior Learning for high school tech prep is limited to 9 units applicable to a specific Certificate or Associate degree [in AP 4235]
  • Students intending to transfer should be aware that the UC system allows a maximum of 14 semester units graded “Pass/No Pass” (Credit/No Credit) basis of the 60 transferable semester units required for admission
  • There is no system-wide policy for CSU campuses. Therefore, each campus has established its own policy on limitations of courses transferred with grades of “Credit/Pass”
Prior Learning Assessment Grading Policy
  • Grading shall be according to the regular grading system in accordance with AP 4230 (Grading and Academic Record Symbols)
  • Students shall be offered a “Pass/No Pass” option, in accordance with AP 4232 (Pass No Pass), as long as that option is ordinarily available for the course
  • Students shall be given the opportunity to accept, decline, or appeal the grade assigned by the faculty, pursuant to AP 4230 (Grading and Academic Record Symbols) and AP 4231 (Grade Change)
  • Some Credit-by-exam high school tech prep courses have been deemed eligible for a letter grade by discipline faculty per AP 4235
  • Per AP 4230, units assigned a “Pass” or “No Pass” will not be counted in the student’s GPA
Transcription of Credit for Prior Learning

The student’s academic record shall be clearly annotated to reflect that credit was earned by assessment of prior learning.

Policy for Awarding Credit for Prior Learning

Students can petition to obtain credit for prior learning by completing the Credit for Prior Learning Petition Form and submitting it to the Enrollment Services Office. Additional documentation may be required. In those instances where Credit for Prior Learning has already been established for a course, student will be notified of credit for prior learning for which he or she is eligible. If student elects to accept the credit, it will be posted on the MSJC transcript per information above.

MSJC enforces the completion of a 12 units of credit minimum for residency and these 12 units of credit must be taken at MSJC and must be on the transcript prior to any other credit being posted. Evaluation of other transcripts can occur without residency at MSJC.