Course Repetition and Withdrawal

Students who have been awarded any of the following grade symbols “D,” “F,” “NC,” “NP” or “W” will only be allowed to repeat the same course twice, for a total maximum enrollment of three times. Military Withdrawals “MW” and Excused Withdrawals “EW” are excluded from this limitation. Withdrawals resulting in no notation of a “W” grade are allowed within the first twenty percent (20%) of a course. In cases where extenuating circumstance exist, students may file a Petition to Repeat the course one additional time (whether the prior enrollment resulted in a substandard grade or passing grade. Petition to Repeat forms can be obtained and submitted to the Enrollment Services Office. Extenuating circumstances are defined as verified accidents, illnesses or other circumstances beyond the control of the student. Students will be required to attach documentation to their petition to substantiate the request, such as letters from hospitals, physicians, law enforcement agencies, attorneys, etc. When course repetition is approved pursuant to this provision, the previous grade and credit earned (if any) shall be disregarded in computing the student’s grade point average each time the course is repeated. When academic forgiveness is applied to a course, the course is still counted toward the maximum enrollment limitation. The student’s permanent academic record shall be annotated in such a manner that all course work remains legible, insuring a complete and true academic history. Participation in an intervention program may be required.