Repeatable Courses

The following types of courses may be designated as repeatable courses and are identified in the catalog’s course descriptions:

  • Intercollegiate academic or vocational competition courses (Section 55002)
  • Intercollegiate athletic courses (Section 55000)
    • Identified in the program pages of the catalog
  • Courses for which repetition is necessary to meet the major requirements of CSU or UC for completion of a bachelor’s degree
    • Identified in the program pages of the catalog.

Limitation on Enrollment within Related-Content Groups (refer to program pages for specific related-content groups information): Courses which are “active participatory courses” (Title 5, Section 55000) and courses which are in “Physical Education, Visual Arts, or Performing Arts” (Title 5, Section 55040) shall be placed in related-content groups to be designated by discipline faculty and approved by the Curriculum Committee. Per Title 5, Section 55040(c) a student may enroll in “related active participatory courses [aka a related-content group]….for no more than four (4) semesters or six (6) quarters. This limitation applies even if a student receives a substandard grade during one or more of the enrollments in such a course or petitions for repetition due to special circumstances as provided in section 55045.”

Instances where a course is repeatable to the individual student include the following and require the student to submit a Petition to Repeat to Enrollment Services with justifiable documentation:

  • Special courses for students with disabilities (Section 55040(b)(7), Section 56029)
  • Courses required for legally mandated training (Section 55040(b)(8), Section 55000)
  • Courses necessary for employment or licensure due to significant change in industry or licensure standards (Section 55040(9)
  • Courses that are Occupational Internships (up to a total of 16 units of credit) (Section 55040(b)(6), Section 55253).

When a course is repeated pursuant to this section, the grade received each time shall be included for purposes of calculating the student’s grade point average. All attempts, including “W” and substandard grades will count toward the enrollment limitation. When repetition occurs, the student’s permanent academic record shall be annotated in such a manner that all course work remains legible, insuring a complete and true academic history.