College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Students requesting Credit for Prior Learning using the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) shall receive credit for completing a satisfactory score on a district approved College Level Examination under the following circumstances:

  • The Academic Senate of the California Community College System approved the alignment of a California Community College general education (CCC GE) CLEP exam score equivalency list that is aligned with the California State University (CSU) GE CLEP exam score equivalency lists effective fall 2011. This realignment impacts the units allowed, catalog rights to previous approved units will apply.
  • Each California State University will determine how CLEP exams are accepted. Check with your transfer institution for correct CLEP transfer information.
  • The University of California system will not accept CLEP exams.
  • MSJC enforces the completion of a 12 units of credit minimum for residency and these 12 units of credit must be taken at MSJC and must be on the transcript prior to any other credit being posted. Evaluation of other transcripts can occur without residency at MSJC.

Detailed CSU and UC acceptance and charts are updated yearly and added to the MSJC catalog.