Student Portfolios

Students interested in Credit for Prior Learning using a student-created portfolio shall receive credit as recommended by the appropriate department chair or faculty designee under the following circumstances:

  • A department-approved portfolio assessment rubric for the course is on file and shall be made available to the student along with the course learning objectives and course learning outcomes prior to submission of portfolio for assessment
  • The student shall complete the Credit for Prior Learning Petition Form available in the Counseling or Enrollment Services Office
  • The student meets with the department chair or faculty designee to receive further instructions for student-created portfolio assessment
  • The student submits all portfolio documents to the department chair or faculty designee for assessment of prior learning
  • If the department chair or faculty designee determine the student-created portfolio adequately measures mastery of the course content as set forth in the Course Outline of Record, the appropriate faculty shall sign the petition with the appropriate Pass/No Pass grade and forward it to the Enrollment Services Office to be kept on file and recorded on the student transcript
  • To be awarded credit, students’ portfolio shall be assessed as having met minimum standards or higher on all three categories on the rubric
  • MSJC enforces the completion of a 12 units of credit minimum for residency and these 12 units of credit must be taken at MSJC and must be on the transcript prior to any other credit being posted. Evaluation of other transcripts can occur without residency at MSJC.