Academic Standards Petition

Students can submit an Academic Standards Petition  for special circumstances that warrant further consideration for adjustment or deviation from established procedures and policies of MSJC.

The Academic Standards Petition is typically used to request a Waiver of Dismissal, a Waiver of the 30 Unit Limit on Remedial Courses, or to appeal a decision previously made by a Student Services Office other than Financial Aid (see Financial Aid Petition). Students would be required to submit supportive documentation or obtain faculty or staff recommendation that justifies the specific, unique circumstance(s) which will persuade the committee to waive state or local regulations for students. Documentation such as medical documentation with a written statement from the attending physician, court documents, death notices of immediate family members, or other proof that the request is based on a verifiable extenuating circumstance would be helpful for the committee.

For Appeals of Denied Petitions, students must be sure to attach an original petition with the decision written on it. Students justification must provide a persuasive argument for why the original decision should be overturned. Student must be sure to include any and all relevant documentation that support their appeal. Faculty or Counselor comments and signature may be required for appeals, depending on the nature of the appeal.

Academic Standards Petitions are reviewed and decided by the Academic Standards Committee, a subcommittee of the Student Services Committee. Petitions are reviewed at regular monthly meetings, and the results are communicated in writing. State and federal regulations prohibit staff from providing information over the phone; therefore, please do not call the college to obtain information regarding the status of your submitted petition as the decisions will be communicated in writing.  Petition results are provided by e-mail only, unless otherwise requested to be sent via USPS mail. Petitioners do not appear before the committee so students must be sure to include all relevant details in their justification as well as all relevant documentation supporting the circumstance. If a petition is returned marked "Deferred," it is the STUDENTS responsibility to do whatever the committee requests, and to then REFILE the petition. A deferred petition will be treated the same as a "Denied" petition until the student refiles their petition with the requested materials. All decisions made by the committee are final and all documentation is to be submitted to the Enrollment Services Office for Academic Standards Committee review.