Teaching Assistant (TA)

TA-299  Special Projects: Teaching Assistant  

1-3 Unit (IS 16-54)

Students with previous course work in the program may do special projects that involve research and special study. The actual nature of the project must be determined in consultation with the supervising instructor.

Prerequisite: One Teaching Assistant class must be completed prior to enrollment; a contract must be completed with the instructor prior to enrollment.

Transfers to CSU only

TA-500  Introduction to Tutoring Across Disciplines (formerly TA-100)  

2 Units (LEC 32-36)

This course is an introduction to the basic principles of tutorial theory and practice. It covers tutorial ethics and philosophy, the steps of the tutorial cycle, the basics of tutorial communication, the development of effective study behaviors, and strategies for tutoring students with differing learning styles and special needs. The course is designed to prepare students to work as professional tutors with students at all educational levels and across disciplines both individually and in groups. (formerly TA 100)

Prerequisite: Interview with Learning Center faculty.

Other Enrollment Criteria: Students need to have completed or be simultaneously enrolled in MATH-096 and/or ENGL-101 if they wish to be eligible for an interview.

Transfers to CSU only