Astronomy (ASTR)

ASTR-101  Introduction to Astronomy  

4 Units (LEC 48-54, LBE 48-54)

This course introduces students to the science of astronomy. It examines the history of astronomy, tools and methods used by astronomers, planetary and stellar evolution, cosmology, and current topics such as quasars, black holes, etc. Field trips may be required.

Transfers to both UC/CSU

IGETC Area(s): 5A, 5C

CSU Area(s): B1, B3

AA/AS General Education: AA/AS A

ASTR-111  Planetary Astronomy  

3 Units (LEC 48-54)

This course is an introductory course to Planetary Sciences and is an interdisciplinary scientific exploration of the solar system. Students will use the scientific method to examine properties and processes of solar system function and formation including the current hypotheses regarding the creation and evolution of the Earth and planetary bodies (moons, asteroids, comets, meteors, and the Sun). *Cross-listed as GEOL-111.

Transfers to both UC/CSU

IGETC Area(s): 5A

CSU Area(s): B1

AA/AS General Education: AA/AS A

ASTR-299  Special Projects: Astronomy  

1-3 Unit (IS 16-54)

Students with previous course work in the program may do special projects that involve research and special study. The actual nature of the project must be determined in consultation with the supervising instructor.

Prerequisite: One Astronomy class must be completed prior to enrollment; a contract must be completed with the instructor prior to enrollment.

Transfers to CSU only