Emergency Medical Technician (EMS)

EMS-127  Infant to Adult Basic and Advanced Life Support  

3 Units (LAB 48-54, LEC 32-36)

This course is designed for students who want to increase their current medical knowledge. Advanced topics in resuscitation are taught. The student will be graded on their performance during mock resuscitation of an infant, child and adult. The student will identify lethal arrhythmias. Students will be able to present a clear, reasoned, well-supported, argument for resuscitating an adult with ventricular fibrillation.

Recommended Preparation: Medically related educational background or employment in the field of medicine such as the hospital, Emergency Medical Services or medical clinic.

Transfers to CSU only

EMS-501  Emergency Medical Technician (formerly EMS-090)  

6 Units (LAB 96-108, LEC 64-72)

This course provides the student with the knowledge to assess, treat and care for the ill or injured public. This course also provides the student with an opportunity to do a short field and hospital internship. Background check, TB test, immunization titers, physical and AHA Healthcare Provider level CPR certification are required prior to registration. (formerly EMS 090)

Other Enrollment Criteria: Immunizations or blood titers, TB clearance and physical exam. Background check required. Packet available online and be at least 18 years of age and AHA Healthcare Provider CPR Certification.

Transfers to CSU only

EMS-701  Emergency Medical Technician (refresher) (formerly EMS-098)  

2.5 Units (LAB 24-27, LEC 32-36)

This course is designed for students who currently practice as an Emergency Medical Technician or have previously passed the Emergency Medical Technician course and require this course for certification renewal. Offered as pass/no pass only. (formerly EMS 098)

Recommended Preparation: EMS-501 or equivalent such as the California State EMT certification or the National registry EMT certification.

Not transferable

EMS-702  Emergency Medical Technician Support Course (formerly EMS-120B)  

5 Units (LAB 144-162, LEC 32-36)

This course is intended for the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) who has successfully completed an EMT course, is currently certified as an EMT, or is taking EMT concurrently. This course is designed to give the EMT student more advanced skills beyond the standard EMT course. The student will be given the opportunity to develop skills which are desired by employers of Emergency Medical Technicians. (formerly EMS 120B)

Corequisite: EMS-501.

Other Enrollment Criteria: The student must present a State of California Emergency Medical Technician Certification card or a National EMT card.

Not transferable