Guidance (GUID)

GUID-116  Integrative Career/Life Planning  

3 Units (LEC 48-54)

This course integrates a multidimensional process of adult and career development for achieving wholeness over the life span. Applying psychological, sociological, and physiological concepts, students explore strategies to create a meaningful life purpose within changing global environments and connect career/life roles, relationships, and lifestyles. Students master effective career/life management skills, value diversity and inclusively, and manage personal and career transitions during workplace and societal changes.

Transfers to CSU only

CSU Area(s): E1

AA/AS General Education: AA/AS E

GUID-299  Special Projects: Guidance  

1-3 Unit (IS 16-54)

Students with previous course work in the program may do special projects that involve research and special study. The actual nature of the project must be determined in consultation with the supervising instructor.

Prerequisite: Two Guidance classes must be completed prior to enrollment; a contract must be completed with the instructor prior to enrollment.

Not transferable

GUID-503  Creative Job Search (formerly GUID-112)  

2 Units (LEC 32-36)

This course explores successful job search within a contemporary workplace. Students will learn to use effective techniques for obtaining a new job or making employment transitions. Students are instructed in the effective use of sound guidelines and cutting-edge strategies necessary for active career management today. Topics include how to: handle transitions, explore job leads, research employers, write a winning resume, maintain a career portfolio, establish a professional network, interview successfully, and negotiate job offers. (formerly GUID 112)

Transfers to CSU only