High School Articulation

Students interested in Credit for Prior learning through Credit by Examination for tech prep courses taken in high school are eligible to earn college credit by earning an” A” or “B” in career-related “articulated” high school courses. An articulated course is one in which the high school teacher and the Mt. San Jacinto College faculty have “formally agreed” that the high school course outline, syllabus, textbook, midterm and/or final exam are comparable to those in a course of the same major at MSJC and that the final exam score will be used as a credit by exam for the comparable MSJC course (California Education Code 55051). The district will award college course credit for high school articulated courses under the following circumstances:

  • Course must be articulated with MSJC prior to student taking the course
  • To earn credit, students must earn an A or B in the high school course and pass the approved credit exam with a 70 or above will earn credit for the course, indicated with a “P” on their transcript
  • In some instances, faculty at MSJC have deemed the course eligible for a letter grade; in these courses, students who pass the approved credit exam with an 80 or above will earn the letter grade of “A” or “B,” depending on the faculty determined grading scale, and a letter grade will be posted to their transcript
  • Tech Prep units will be awarded to the high school student’s MSJC transcript within one semester after the high school posts and forwards the high school transcript to MSJC. MSJC will not require Tech Prep approved students to meet the 12-unit residency requirement prior to posting these units