Graduation Requirements

Evaluation Requirements for Associate Degree

The Associate in Arts Degree and Associate in Science Degree are not automatically awarded when a student completes the requirements. Students must file an “Application for Graduation” at Enrollment Services by the deadline date each semester. Information on deadline dates can be found though Enrollment Services. Students are encouraged to meet with a Counselor prior to applying to ensure all requirements are met.  At minimum, students must complete 60 degree applicable units, all major and general education requirements, with at least a 2.0 GPA in order to be eligible for a degree. All official transcripts from other colleges and external examinations must be on file at MSJC before an application for graduation can be completed. 

The Board of Trustees, on recommendation of the Superintendent/President and Faculty of the college, is authorized to confer both Associate in Arts degrees and the Associate in Science degrees. The requirements for graduation with either degree represent both minimum state requirements and the firm commitment of MSJC to the principles of general education. Requirements are designed to develop the full potential of each student, broaden their outlook and provide the basis for exemplary citizenship.

Residence Requirements for Graduation

A minimum of 12 units must be earned at MSJC in order for a student to earn a degree. 

Graduation Ceremony 

Formal graduation activities are held at the end of the spring semester in May. Students who complete degree requirements during the spring or preceding fall and summer terms are invited to participate in the commencement program.

Continuous Enrollment Catalog Rights

Graduation requirements contained in this catalog apply to students who enter during the current academic year. Certificate and degree requirements are regularly reviewed and may undergo change while a student is pursuing a degree or certificate. A student who maintains continuous enrollment has the right to graduate based upon the requirements listed in the catalog when they first entered Mt. San Jacinto College or any catalog thereafter. Continuous enrollment is defined as enrollment in at least one semester excluding summer/winter sessions each calendar year (January 1 – December 31) as posted on the official college transcript. If there is a break in attendance, the student surrenders rights under previous catalogs, and must meet the requirements in effect when the student re-enters, or any one catalog which is in effect during continuous enrollment from the date of re-entry to the date of graduation. Any time there is a break in attendance, the student’s catalog rights begin again with re-entry.

NOTE: While the student may graduate based on any one of the catalogs in effect during their continuous enrollment, all of the requirements in that one catalog must be met. In the event that required courses have been discontinued, students may petition for substitution. Petitions are available in the Enrollment Services Office. Students may not combine requirements from more than one catalog to satisfy the graduation requirements.

In order to maintain catalog rights based on the initial semester of enrollment at MSJC, a student may petition for coursework completed at another regionally accredited post–secondary institution to count as continuous enrollment as defined above, except at least one evaluative symbol must have been posted on the official college transcript. Evaluative symbols included but are not limited to grades of “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “F”, “P” or “NP” and may include +/- designations. Non-Evaluative symbols include but are not limited to grades of “I”, “IP”, “RD”, "EW" or “W” and are not used in calculating grade point averages.