Transcripts and Enrollment Verifications

Transcripts may be requested online through the Credentials Transcript Plus website. Written requests may be submitted to Enrollment Service in person or by mail/fax. Mt. San Jacinto College may deliver transcripts electronically, first class mail, Fed Ex expedited mail or printed for pickup. Official transcripts can be sent to the requestor, another institution, or other designated location. The transcript is a duly certified record of all work completed at Mt. San Jacinto College. The first two transcripts and/or enrollment verifications are furnished free of charge. Free transcripts are not available by request online; the request must be made in person or vial mail/fax and rush processing is not included. Rush transcripts and/or enrollment verifications are available for an additional service fee. Rush requests are normally processed. while you wait, or mailed within forty-eight (48) hours of request; however standard mailing time applies. There is a Fed Ex expedited delivery option for online transcript requests only and for an additional service fee. For information on delivery options and fees, please go to transcripts.

The following types of enrollment verifications will not be charged a service fee:

  • Scholarship Verifications
  • Child Care Verifications
  • GPA Verifications
  • In-School Loan Deferment Requests
  • Verifications as required for public assistance, rehabilitation, unemployment or other California State services/benefits
  • Verifications as required for U.S. Military Agencies or Veterans Affairs Services

Submitted high school and college transcripts become the property of Mt. San Jacinto College and are not forwarded to other institutions, nor are copies provided to students. Unofficial MSJC transcripts are available through the student's online account.