Student Health Center Fee

In the Fall semester of 2019, MSJC opened the Student Health Centers on both the Menifee Valley (MVC) and San Jacinto (SJC) campuses. These centers are being funded through a new mandatory fee assessed to both full-time and part-time students of $20 for the Fall and Spring semesters and $17 for the Summer semester. The new fee started being assessed in the Fall 2019, regardless of whether the student utilizes the available services or has their own insurance.

The health centers are located in room 723 on MVC and in 1540 on SJC. Visit the Healthcenter website for office hours. For appointments, visit a center or call the Health Center Main Line: (951) 732-7970 

Health services are offered to all current students who are enrolled in at least one credit and includes: first aid/emergency care; basic vision screenings; free over-the-counter medications; health education and wellness workshops; immunizations and TB testing; and mental health counseling. For complex cases, we offer referrals to outside health agencies in the community. Limited medical insurance is available against accidental injury while on campus. All college accidents should be reported immediately to the Health Center for proper evaluation and treatment. For life threatening emergencies always dial 8-911 from any campus phone or 911 from your personal cell phone. We are here to serve you! All medical records and discussions with our staff are strictly confidential.

Students who depend exclusively on prayer for healing, in accordance with the teachings of a bona fide religious sect, denomination, or organization, and can supply the college with documentation of active membership, may submit a Health Center Fee Exemption form and supporting documentation to the Health Center office. The form is available at the Health Center office. Exemptions are semester based and must be submitted each semester prior to the full-term refund deadline (end of the 2nd week of Instruction).