Refund Policy


Your enrollment fee, less a $10 processing charge, is returned automatically if you drop by a specific date depending on each course or full refund if the college cancels classes. For short-term classes (meeting less than two weeks), you must drop before the first class meeting. For short-term classes (greater than two weeks) including summer session classes, you must drop prior to ten percent (10%) of the length of the course. Please refer to your registration statement for specific dates including the refund date, drop without a “W” and drop with a “W” date.

Refunds for your parking fee must be requested through the Enrollment Services Office and a processing fee may be assessed. The processing fee is assessed once per semester. You must submit a “Request for Refund” form and attach your parking permit. No refunds will be made after the second week of instruction. It is the student’s responsibility to drop classes.

The processing time for refunds is approximately four (4) weeks. Keep receipts for reference. Student transcripts, diplomas and registration privileges will be withheld pending settlement of outstanding financial obligations due the college.

If you do not appear in class, do not drop the course and the instructor does not drop you, you will be held responsible for fees. In addition, you may also receive a failing grade.

Military Withdrawal

Students who have withdrawn from classes due to military orders are entitled to a refund. A refund may request form must be submitted to Enrollment Services.

Excused Withdrawal

Drops as the result of an Excused Withdrawal “EW” are not entitled to a refund.


The amount of your tuition that will be refunded depends upon when you drop.

Tuition will be refunded as follows:

Spring/Fall Sessions Refund

Refund Percent Refunded
Fees collected in error 100%
Cancelled classes initiated by MSJC 100%
Drops prior to the end of the second week of instruction 100%

Drops processed

Refund Percent Refunded
During the third week of instruction 80%
During the fourth week of instruction 60%
During the fifth week of instruction 40%
During the sixth week of instruction 20%

After the sixth (6th) week of instruction, no refunds will be made. Non-resident students enrolling in short-term classes starting after the beginning of the ninth (9th) week of instruction will be charged for the additional units of short-term credit regardless of any reduction at that time.

Summer Session Refund

Refund Percent Refunded
Drops processed by second class meeting 100%
Third class meeting 80%
Fourth class meeting 60%
Fifth class meeting 40%
Sixth class meeting 20%

Mt . San Jacinto College complies with all refund requirements established by the Federal Title IV Financial Aid Regulations. These refund regulations may differ from the college’s regular refund policy. The college’s current financial aid tuition refund policy may be obtained from the Financial Aid Office.