Schedule of Classes

Mt. San Jacinto College publishes class schedules for the regular academic program and continuing education for each semester. Class schedules including non-credit are available on the Web at: Schedule of classes.

Printed schedules may be available in the Enrollment Services Office at any campus location. 

Evening Classes

Evening classes are parallel to daytime classes in title and number, prerequisites, course content, outside work required and in examinations. Students may qualify for the Associate in Arts degree or the Associate in Science degree through participation in evening classes. The evening program offers many possibilities: preparation for a vocation, preparation for transfer to the upper division of a four (4) year college or university or a chance to gain a better general education. Counseling services are available to help students in their educational planning.

Off-Campus Centers

Courses are offered at a variety of high school campuses and other off-campus sites. Check the current schedule of classes for information about course offerings and locations.

Courses taken on either campus or at any off-campus center of Mt. San Jacinto College are all reported on the same transcript and are counted cumulatively toward the student’s educational goal.

Online, Hybrids and Short-Term Offerings

The college provides a wide variety of specially scheduled courses such as Online, Hybrid, Short-term, and courses that are not contained within one of the regular academic terms. All credit courses offered, regardless of scheduling option, meet the requirements and standards established by the college, and result in the award of full college credit.

Online and Hybrid Formats:

  1. Online Anytime - Classes offer course materials that are accessible online 24/7 via Canvas, MSJC's Learning Management System. Learning happens on your schedule, although deadlines for assignments/activities still apply. The "anytime" format allows for flexibility and pacing.

  2. Online Real-Time - Classes offer live, online regularly scheduled meetings utilizing video conferencing software. Learning happens during "real-time" interactions with the instructor and classmates. The "real-time" format allows for classroom engagement and dynamic learning. 

  3. Hybrid Anytime - Classes offer a face to face meeting component scheduled on campus as well as an online anytime component. Only on campus face to face meetings are scheduled in a Hybrid Anytime class.

  4. Hybrid Real-Time - Classes offer a face to face meeting component scheduled on campus as well as an online real-time component. All meetings are scheduled in a Hybrid Real-Time class. 

Short-Term Offerings

Short-term offerings for primary terms (fall/spring) are typically eight weeks long. Early start, short-term classes being near the start of the term and Late start, short-term classes begin in the middle of the term.