Directory Information

Mt. San Jacinto College designates the name, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight, height and high school graduation of athletic team members, photographs and degrees/awards/honors received, including the President’s Honor List, as directory information.

Unless the individual student files a written statement within the first two (2) weeks of each semester requesting that the directory information not be released, the college may make directory information available to various agencies, companies and people.

Student names and addresses may be provided to a private or public school or college. No private or public school or college shall use this information for other than purposes directly related to the academic or professional goals of the institution.

Directory information and other personal information may be given to appropriate persons in connection with an emergency if the knowledge of that information is necessary to protect the health or safety of a student or other persons.

The Solomon Amendment

Federal Statute (Public Law 104-208 and Public Law 104-206, commonly known as the Solomon Amendment) requires that Mt. San Jacinto College provide student directory information, (which includes name, address and telephone numbers) to the Department of Defense, including military recruiters, upon written request.