Social/Behavioral Science, A.A.

This non-transfer interdisciplinary degree offers a range of coursework to prepare students who want to explore the social and behavioral sciences as a foundation of lifelong learning, or as an introduction to the related fields of Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Economics, History, Social Sciences and Political Science. For additional information, please see an MSJC counselor.

Satisfactory completion of Mt. San Jacinto College’s General Education Requirements Option A, 60 degree-applicable units including at least 18 units in Area B.


An Associate Degree in this program requires students to complete MSJC's local General Education, Option A, by fulfilling all general education areas. In addition, students must complete all major requirements and complete an overall total of 60 degree applicable units with a minimum 2.0 GPA.

Course Title Credits
MSJC General Education Option A24
Required Social/Behavioral Science Courses18
Electives (as needed to reach 60 units)

All MSJC Honors course sections may be used in lieu of the regular approved course.

Course Title Credits
HIST-111U.S. History to 18773
HIST-112U.S. History Since 18653
Political Science
PS-101Introduction to American Government and Politics3
Administration of Justice
AJ-101Criminal Law3
AJ-102Introduction to Criminal Justice3
AJ-111Criminal Procedures3
AJ-112Introduction to Criminology3
AJ-117Introduction to Terrorism and Homeland Security3
ANTH-102Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH-104World Prehistory3
ANTH-105North American Indians (formerly ANTH-103A)3
ANTH-107Indigenous People of Latin America (formerly ANTH-103D Latin American Cultures)3
ANTH-115Introduction to Archaeology3
ANTH/HIST-121Indigenous Peoples of California3
ANTH-125Magic, Witchcraft and Religion3
BIOL/HIST-128History of Science3
Child Development & Education
CDE-110Child Development3
CDE-118Teaching in a Diverse Society3
CDE-125Child, Family and Community3
CDE-140Children and Youth With Exceptional Needs (formerly CDE-540)3
COMM-108Intercultural Communication3
COMM-110Communications Media Survey3
COMM-117Organizational Communication3
COMM-120Survey of Communication Studies3
COMM-516Gender and Communication (formerly COMM-116)3
DAN-100/HIST-151History and Appreciation of Dance3
DAN-133History of Popular Dance in the United States3
ECON-201Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON-202Principles of Microeconomics3
ED-135Introduction to Education3
ED-136Child Growth and Development During the School Years3
Ethnic Studies
ETHS/PS-103Ethnic Politics in America3
ETHS-112Introduction to Chicana/o/x Studies3
ETHS/SJS-113Introduction to Black Studies3
ETHS/HIST-160Black History in American Context3
GEOG-102Cultural Geography3
GEOG-107Urban Geography3
GEOG-108World Regional Geography3
GEOG-111Geography of California3
Health Science
HS-120Introduction to Public Health (Health Science)3
HIST-101Western Civilization to 1650 (formerly Western Civilization I: to 1500)3
HIST-102Western Civilization Since 1650 (formerly Western Civilization II: From 1500 to the Present Era)3
HIST-103World History to 15003
HIST-104World History Since 15003
HIST-106The World Since 19003
HIST-107The History of East Asia Before 16003
HIST-108The History of East Asia Since 16003
HIST-111U.S. History to 18773
HIST-112U.S. History Since 18653
HIST-115Women in United States History3
HIST-117History of India3
HIST-120California History3
HIST/ANTH-121Indigenous Peoples of California3
HIST-124Recent America: The U.S. Since 19453
HIST-125Military History of the United States3
HIST/BIOL-128History of Science3
HIST/THA-136Cultural History of American Motion Pictures3
HIST-140History of Mexico3
HIST-141History of Latin America to 18203
HIST-142History of Latin America Since 18203
HIST-151/DAN-100History and Appreciation of Dance3
HIST/ETHS-160Black History in the American Context3
HIST-165/THA-155Musical Theater History3
LEG-100Foundations of the Legal System3
LEG-524Immigration Law (formerly LEG-124)3
NUTR-100Family Nutrition3
Physical Education
PE-126Sport Psychology3
Political Science
PS-101Introduction to American Government and Politics3
PS-102Comparative Politics and Government3
PS/ETHS-103Ethnic Politics in America3
PS-105Introduction to Political Theory3
PS-106Introduction to International Relations3
PS-120California Government3
PSYC-101Introduction to Psychology3
PSYC-102Personal Growth3
PSYC-103Human Development3
PSYC-104Psychology of Gender3
PSYC/SOCI-105Social Psychology3
PSYC-108Abnormal Psychology3
PSYC/SOCI-112Gender and Social Interaction3
Social Justice Studies
SJS-101Introduction to Social Justice Studies3
SJS/ETHS-113Introduction to Black Studies3
SJS-130Introduction to Gender, Sexuality, and Queer Studies3
SOCI-101Principles of Sociology3
SOCI-102Contemporary Social Problems3
SOCI-103Marriage and the Family3
SOCI/PSYC-105Social Psychology3
SOCI-106Intercultural Relations3
SOCI-108Human Sexuality3
SOCI-110Media and Society3
SOCI/PSYC-112Gender and Social Interaction3
SOCI-115Contemporary Chicano in Society3
SOCI-125Crime and Society3
Theatre Arts
THA/HIST-136Cultural History of American Motion Pictures3
THA-155/HIST-165Musical Theater History3

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