Medical Assisting Administrative and Clinical, A.S.

Associates of Science in Medical Assisting Administrative and Clinical (33.5 units) prepares students for a career in the healthcare profession as a Medical Assistant. An associate degree in Medical Assisting may be earned by completing the certificate requirements in Medical Assisting Administrative, Medical Assisting Clinical and all MSJC General Education Option A requirements for a total of 60 units. This program provides students with the theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and current electronic health record technology to sit the certification examinations to become Certified Administrative Medical Assistants, Certified Clinical Medical Assistants, Certified Scribes and Certified Billing and Coding Specialists. An internship in a physician’s office combining administrative, clinical, billing, coding, and medical scribing experience helps prepare the student with the clinical skills to enter the workforce.


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Plan of Study Grid
Fall Semester 1Units
AH-105 Medical Terminology 3
ENGL-101 College Composition (formerly Freshman Composition) 4
CSIS-101 Introduction to Computers and Data Processing 3
MA-122 Medical Ethics (formerly AH-122) 3
CSCR-116 Integrative Career/Life Planning (formerly GUID-116) 3
Spring Semester 1
MA-773 Clinical Medical Assisting (formerly MA-073) 4
MA-775 Medical Scribe 3
BIOL-100 Human Biology 4
PS-101 Introduction to American Government and Politics 3
MATH-140 Introduction to Statistics 3
Fall Semester 2
NURS-194 Pharmacology & Dosage Calculations for Nurses 3.5
MA-776 Medical Billing and Coding 4
MA-772 Administrative Medical Assisting (formerly MA-072) 3
Elementary Spanish I
or Elementary French I
or American Sign Language I
Spring Semester 2
SOCI-101 Principles of Sociology 3
COMM-103 Interpersonal Communication 3
Contemporary Chicano in Society
or Teaching in a Diverse Society (formerly Diversity and Equity in Early Childhood)
or Ethnic Politics in America
NUTR-100 Family Nutrition 3
AH-549 Cooperative Work Experience: Allied Health (formerly AH-149) 3
 Total Units62.5

An Associate Degree in this program requires students to follow MSJC's General Education, Option A and complete all general education areas, all major requirements, and complete an overall total of 60 degree applicable units with a minimum 2.0 GPA.

Course Title Credits
MSJC General Education Option A24
Required Core Courses33.5
Electives (as needed to reach 60 units)
Course Title Credits
AH-105Medical Terminology3
BIOL-100Human Biology4
CSIS-101Introduction to Computers and Data Processing3
MA-122Medical Ethics (formerly AH-122)3
MA-772Administrative Medical Assisting (formerly MA-072)3
MA-773Clinical Medical Assisting (formerly MA-073)4
MA-775Medical Scribe3
MA-776Medical Billing and Coding4
NURS-194Pharmacology & Dosage Calculations for Nurses3.5
AH-549Cooperative Work Experience: Allied Health (formerly AH-149)3
Total Units33.5

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