Audio Production

Program Description

Looking to break into the recording industry? Want to produce better audio for yourself and clients? In the Audio Technology program, we recognize that the need for quality audio design is essential for any content creator in the field today. We focus on current industry trends in hardware and software to equip you with the tools and certification you need to become a next-generation producer. Our program prepares you to be a leader in technology through industry designed courses that are essential to today’s market. Be an ambassador for good sound.

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Transfer Preparation

MSJC offers a wide range of course work that prepares students for the workforce or for transfer to four-year colleges and universities. All four-year institutions prescribe their own standards for course evaluation and admissions. Courses that fulfill major requirements for an associate degree in a program at MSJC might not be the same as those required for transfer into a similar major at a four-year university. Please meet with a Counselor to confirm transfer requirements.  

Transfer students are advised to do research on prospective majors and careers. The MSJC Transfer Center and MSJC catalog can be helpful tools. Students interested in transferring to CSU’s or UC’s can access major preparation by visiting ASSIST. All students are advised to meet with a counselor at least once a semester to create or update their comprehensive education plan.  

Contact Information

San Jacinto Campus
(951) 487-MSJC (6752)
Alan Marsala (951) 639-5545

Menifee Valley Campus
(951) 672-MSJC (6752)
Alan Marsala (951) 639-5545


Non-Transfer Degrees


  • Integrate theory with technical skill in audio-based productions.
  • Devise innovative solutions to workflow-related problems.
  • Analyze the implications of technology changes on the audio industry.
  • Apply appropriate recording devices and methods in new, industry-relevant contexts.
  • Interpret and produce audio content in a culturally responsive manner.

Discover in-demand careers and education options based on your interests!  See the list of careers below or explore further by searching for Careers or Programs.

Note: There are no guaranteed positions for students completing these programs. Education and work experience required will vary by employer. The salary and benefits for specific occupations will be dependent on work experience, education, background, and employer. Labor market statistics are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Census Bureau, O-NET, EMSI.

Career/Industries CA Annual Median Salary or Range Employment Demand or Opening CA
Media Collections Specialists (SM, A, B, M) $78,811 1,340
Audio and Video Technicians (SM, C, B) $62,136 1,141
Broadcast Technicians (SM, A) $53,158 1,322
Sound Engineering Technicians (SM, C, A, B) $71,606 740

(degree required: SM some college, C: Certificate, A: Associate degree, B: Bachelor’s degree, M: Master’s degree, D: Doctorate)