Community Education & Workplace Training

Offers two unique programs that are committed to removing some of the barriers to learning with our not-for-credit fee-based FOCUS classes for community members and through our contract training programs. 

FOCUS classes provide opportunities for personal and professional development, skill improvement and upgrading, cultural enrichment, recreational enjoyment and the joy of lifelong learning.  We offer Short Term Career Training Certificates that are designed to rapidly prepare community members for their first step in a career; or a step-up in their career.  These training programs are developed or revised in response to current labor market trends.  FOCUS classes provide community members with educational programs that do not require submission of an application or transcripts.  These classes are supported by registration fees and are not funded by taxpayer dollars.  College credit is not given for any FOCUS classes. 

Contract Training is designed to empower our local workforce by providing customized training in the workplace to assist in improving workers skill sets, increase productivity and improve our local economy.  Employers may contract with our program to provide credit or not-for-credit training programs for their employees.  Classes are held at the workplace to help remove some of the challenges associated with full-time employees attending classes on campus sites and to customize the training to meet their employee’s specific training needs. 

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